Why sewing your own panties is a bad idea

On my recent solution-vention of panties research, I came across this lovely blog post about how to make your own underwear.

Sewing your own panties

One of the comments really got me thinking about the concept of female exploitation. She said:

I’m new to this blog and I decided to make my own knickers after watching an Australian ABC current affairs program about the Rana Plaza collapse in Bangladesh. I already buy 95% of my clothes second hand or locally made and my conscience does not rest easy when I think how cheaply we can buy underwear these days and how poorly paid and treated the workers who make these little what-nots get paid. I already have some really cute stretch fabrics I’ve bought from thrift shops and plenty of cute tshirts my kids have outgrown. I can’t wait to get stuck in and report back to you.

Thank you so much for your tutorial.”

I’m questioning her logic, because if you, as a non professional, make all your own panties:

1. you are taking away that money from someone else – and although it may seem like exploitation, there are alternative views – from voices of chinese workers for example


2. you might just be killing time.

After all, you are making a decision to get better at… making panties. If you truly love making panties, and your goal is to make a living from your sewing skills (like the teacher who blogged this article) wonderful, but otherwise… I recommend you invest your limited time and unique energy on something more worthy of your talents

Unless: you can’t buy what you want. I know my mom makes her own curtains and it’s mainly because she has high standards, only reachable by her own sewing skills. That reminded me – she also used to make me clothes… there was a fetching dark green felt waistcoat/skirt combo that she created for me for a piano recital in South Africa *cringe* because I couldn’t find anything to wear in the shops there. I must dig out a photo next time I’m home 🙂


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