How using plastic water bottles can be something positive

Eco water bottle filling fanatics make me mad. There I was, buying lots of water in plastic bottles, thinking only of eliminating scary South American bacteria from my bowel movements, and now I feel plastic bottle guilt, all because I walked into an eco lodge, looking for a place to dispose of one of my empty plastic bottles.

I get it – refills are an awesome invention but SO MANY PEOPLE use plastic bottles! I’m not going to stop using them because one eco lodge made me feel guilty.

I feel like there must be more scalable ways to solve the problem.

Maybe by inventing cleaner, safer water sources in South America – or building wells like Charity Water.

Or by leasing clean, cold, filtered water machines to hostels and hotels so they can charge  a small amount for refills and make a profit.

Or – like we were teaching kids in a class recently – by inventing something cool and constructive to do with the plastic bottles, like make rafts, or these cool lamps I found in a restaurant in Cusco.

eco-plastic water bottle lamps cusco restaurant

I feel like too many eco solutions tap into guilt, instead of motivate by profit. Like it or not, money motivates people. Not just saving money as a consumer, but making money as say, a hostel owner.

Just as NY finds a roundabout way to employ the homeless by giving cash for the collection of plastic bottles, there must be lots of other cool projects with plastic bottles that mean I don’t have to feel guilty for using them, and I can invest that time and effort of refilling my bottle in more personally *meaningful* tasks.

What cool uses for plastic bottles have you seen? Do you feel guilty about buying/using them?


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