How I find problems and invent solutions

inventions and inventors

It’s been over a month since I started this invention experiment and so far I’ve learned a LOT about myself, about the things I like to invent, and the way I like to invent things.

I learned that the majority of my inventions come from the “Why can’t I?” place – that angry, frustrated voice that questions my discomfort, or blind acceptance.

Why can’t I travel alone without worrying my family? Why can’t I take as many risks as a man when traveling alone?

Why do I have to hop up and down and get my clothes covered in yucky fluids when I need to change my underwear?

Why can’t I use the wifi of coffee shops nearby without buying something?

Why can’t I tell people I live in hostels without feeling uncomfortable?

I learned that I am motivated by Repeated Personal Experience, e.g I am easily motivated to invent under a solo female travel safety device when I am constantly confronted with the anger and frustration of traveling solo as a female, but as soon as I am living somewhere stable, I get demotivated.

I learned that I like designing apps, but I like to design both simple, and multipurpose solutions, which is difficult to achieve in an app context. They often need to target specific niche audiences and be solo purpose.

I learned that I get triggered by my surroundings, and that I can come up with different inventions by simply putting myself in a new situation.

I learned that many of the solutions to my current set of identifiable problems have already been invented, and that the bigger problem is often KNOWING about them, or CARING enough to spend money on them.

I also learned that I want to invent things that solve big problems, but I’m either living too perfect a life, or oblivious to the problems I deal with everyday. I need to dream bigger, look deeper, and challenge how easily I accept the status quo, if I am to cultivate anger and frustration for the more important problems.

How do you invent solutions to problems? How do you identify the problems you would like to solve? 


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