Why I don’t have any health and fitness wearables


I think fitness wearables are cool. For sure. But I don’t actually have any. As a writer about such devices, this concerns me.

I want to say it’s because I’m poor, but I actually, it’s more accurate to say I don’t perceive them as valuable enough to spend money on. Because even though I have a limited budget to spend on things apart from rent and food, I still find money for the occasion purchase of cosmetics, moisturizers, clothing and shoes. I also find ways to buy books, apps, and software for my macbook and my iPhone. And I spend money on classes and events to further my career or just for fun.

Yet I can’t put find the money to spend on a wearable device.

So I have to assume that on my list of priorities, looking good, feeling good, and stimulating my brain are more important than knowing how many steps I have taken today, or what my blood pressure is.

Perhaps the priority would change if I was trying to lose weight, or suddenly worried about my health again, but even still, I’m pretty stingy when it comes to forking out money for the unnecessary, and I guess I see the idea of a fitbit unnecessary. At least with it’s current functionality.

In actual fact, I even believe it would diminish my quality of life because it’s another valuable item to keep away from thieves, and it’s another data point to waste my time browsing. This is why I won’t get one, when I don’t even know what it’s like to own one… Perhaps it’s fantastic and I’m missing out.

But in my opinion, there are only 2 tracking devices that really serve needs for me.

Hello Clue App Cycle Fertility Tracking

The first is an app for my menstrual cycle. I need technology to monitor when my period comes because I find it very difficult to remember – months are not 28 days long, so it’s always on a different date each month.

I’ve tried to do it manually but my method is writing notes in random locations with the date of when my period started – that’s if I remember to write it down.

Jewelry Cuff Safety Tracking

The second is location tracking hardware, which is more attractive to a female audience now it’s embedded in jewellery. Although I still haven’t bought one…

The interesting thing about more women working in technology is seeing more apps and devices that truly speak to our needs, and solving our unique set of problems in a female focused way.

I can’t wait to see what other unmet needs we will be building wearables for next.


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